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Emirates Begins Recruitment Drive: Aviation Update - October 6th 2021

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Hi and welcome to another edition of our Aviation update, keeping you up to date with all of the latest news in aviation. It was an action packed September, with an abundance of announcements coming from all airlines, from Emirates announcing its hiring again to Alitalia filing for bankruptcy. There is a lot to catch up on.

Emirates Airlines announced its plans to recruit over 3000 new cabin crew and over 500 airport agents in the coming months. Plans have already been put into place at the world famous Aviation College in Deira in preparation for the recruitment drive. The airline had made a previous announcement that it would be seeking to re-recruit staff who had been let go at the height of the pandemic back in 2020 but it is still unclear as to how many former cabin crew will be welcomed back by the airline. The Dubai based carrier is also looking for ground staff to boost the expected rise in demand in the coming months due to Expo 2020 in Dubai, with many current cabin crew being asked to apply for secondments for the duration of the exhibition as well upcoming holiday season to make up for the current personal shortfall. As ever, the airline is accepting completed CV applications on its careers portal.

Etihad are also recruiting, having announced that they are looking for over 1000 new flight attendants to join their ranks and will be holding assessment days worldwide, the locations currently include the United Arab Emirates, Moldova, Slovenia, Barcelona and the UK, this will no doubt expand in the future. .Follow this link for dates and more information.

Qatar Airways will be holding Cabin Crew Assessments in Moldova, Serbia, South Africa, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain to name a few of their locations in the coming months. Click here for more information.

Looking to build a professional looking CV? Look no further than our CV services to maximise your application chances. Big airlines tend to get over 1000 applications per open position, as was proved by Delta Airlines in 2016 when they received 150000 applications for only 1200 positions. With other airlines reporting similar numbers, so make sure you read our CV tips as well as our Free ebook to make sure you are best placed to get the golden call.

With governments worldwide opening up their borders through the implementation of vaccine mandates, it wasn’t going to be long before airlines followed suit and require all of their staff to be vaccinated in the future. This is the case for both Qantas and Air New Zealand, who have been given until February 1st of 2022 to have all of their staff vaccinated by their respective governments in an effort to open up the countries to the outside world. This is a move that will be likely followed by airlines around the world with the likes of American Airlines and Delta likely to follow suit.

Qatar Airways, Etihad and Emirates are believed to have most if not all of their staff fully vaccinated and have been operating Covid free flights to destinations world wide for over a year. It is important to note that airlines have long had the requirement for its staff to be vaccinated against other diseases such as Yellow Fever, Hepatitis and Tetanus amongst other diseases in order to be considered for a position in their companies so this should not be seen as a surprise. How do you feel about the vaccination drive? Tell us in the comments below.

The UK has become the latest country to relax its rules on foreign travellers coming into the country. Following the trend of its European neighbours, travellers will need to show proof of vaccination before entering the country, or face a mandatory 10 day quarantine.

European Union countries have had this policy in place for both EU and non EU member nations since the beginning of the year and this move has been welcomed by many who have been unable to reunite with their families due to the long and expensive quarantine requirements. People flying to the UK previously had to pay over £1500 to stay in government approved quarantine hotels, making family trips back to the UK extremely expensive for families and visitors alike.

Italian national carrier Alitalia has announced that it will operate its last flights on October 15th of this year. The airline had originally declared bankruptcy in 2017 but remained in operation due to a series of interventions from both investors and the Italian government but it seems that time has run out for the carrier. The airline is set to be replaced by newcomer Italia Trasporto Aero (ITA) as the national carrier of Italy. We wish all of those who are being transferred onto the new airline new luck in their upcoming rolesroles, and for those who will lose their jobs all the best on their new ventures.


Thank you for joining us for another Aviation Update.

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