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Emirates, KLM, Lufthansa, Heathrow - Aviation Update 18th July 2022

With the school summer holidays in full swing across large parts of the world, the demand for flights to summer destinations and for people going home to see their family and friends is reaching its yearly high. Carriers around the world have been facing challenges when they should be having their most prosperous months in their year.

Catch up why in this latest edition of the aviation update.

Dubai based carrier Emirates is currently on a charm offensive as it tries to recruit more and more staff to join as Cabin Crew as well as in its ground operations. The carrier finds itself increasing its services whilst other carriers have been making cancellations but it recognises the need to hire the best staff in order to carry on its growth prospects. Emirates has been quick to spread the news of vacancies, open days and other opportunities by encouraging Instagram personalities such as @lipstickandluggage, @rhiannon__corbett and others to show what its like to work for the company.

Amsterdam based carrier KLM has announced that they will be cancelling between 10 and 20 flights per day due to a a lack of resources available to the airline. Social media has exploded with photos of 4 hour security queues at Schippol, Amsterdam's International Airport, the airport authorities has asked airlines to artificially cap the limit on how many passengers they can accept on flights for the foreseeable future as the airport cannot guarantee that it will be able to handle the large number of passengers wanting to fly.

Lufthansa, Germany's national carrier and its staff have been feeling the pressure for the last few months. The carrier announced last week that it planned to cancel around 900 flight in its 2 main hubs, Frankfurt and Munich, in the coming months. The Frankfurt based carrier has been accused it's workers union, UFO, of.going too far with its cost cutting measures during the pandemic. The airline dismissed thousands of workers in an effort to stop its spiralling costs, this included hundreds of its staff at its training facilities. This means that hundreds of its current staff cannot keep their safety certifications due to a lack of courses available for them to stay up to date. This backlog has meant that a smaller pool of staff has had to take the majority of the workload, leading in increased illness absences and of staff being overworked. Business Insider has published a fantastic article regarding the situation here.

Emirates has agreed to restrict the number of tickets it makes available to clients flying out of London Heathrow. After a brief war of words between the Dubai based carrier and the airport, both sides were able to agree to a more reasonable and manageable cut in traffic than was originally demanded by the UK's biggest airpot. The British Airport Association had originally restrict the airline to 100 seats per flight for the next 6 weeks, giving airlines 36 hours to comply before threatening legal action. Emirates currently operates 6 daily flights between Heathrow and Dubai, with a load factor of over 90% on a 484 passenger capacity A380, the airline was set to lose or reschedule the flights of over 2000 passengers per day. The airline has not disclosed the new restriction numbers but expects the restrictions to be lifted by the middle of August this year.


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