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Elite Cabin Crew

Elite Cabin Crew was founded in 2018 as a way to support ambitious men and women to fulfill their dreams of becoming cabin crew- both for commercial airlines and private companies. Started by Monika Krajcova, the business excels thanks to a team of specialized individuals, including other cabin crew, ex-HR recruiters from Emirates, and design specialists with a combined thirty years of experience. Each Elite Cabin Crew team member shares the common goal of helping you become the best applicant you can be. Elite Cabin Crew has people to answer all of your burning questions and to help you create the perfect CV, help you prepare for every step of the recruitment process, and provide one-on-one support for your questions and concerns.

Meet The Team


Mirna El Khoury

HR Specialist

15 years experience in aviation & recruitment 

monika lusnia_edited.jpg

Monika Lusnia

CV Designer & Content Editor


 10 years experience in the field 


Dorota Parczewska

Aviation Consultant


 8 years experience in commercial and private aviation  


Zlata Kuncicka

Aviation Consultant

7 years  experience in commercial and private airlines


Marieta Fitzcharles

Writer and Editor

7 years experience in the field 



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