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What our clients say about us?

Here's a glimpse of the feedback we've received from our valued Elite Cabin Crew members. These testimonials reflect the transformative experiences and unparalleled training that have propelled individuals towards successful careers in the aviation industry. We take pride in our commitment to shaping confident and skilled cabin crew professionals who are ready to soar in their careers.


Mira Hristova

Hello! Elite Cabin Crew is a wonderful page for aspiring Cabin Crew, I highly recommend the website and its services! They helped me with CV full preparation and interview preparation, we discussed all future opportunities and everything was well-done and very professional! It was a pleasure to work with Monika and her beautiful team! Good luck to all future applicants! Thank you, dear Elite Cabin Crew and I wish you good luck! 

Lucia Logobardo Martin

I got my dream job! All thanks to Monika´s professional team! After her online course, all her instructions helped to find my current dream job as a VIP FA. I was working in a commercial airline and already can't thank them enough to help me to achieve this incredible upgrade in my career. If you follow Monika´s guidance and you work on it, you will get your dream job as I did.

Jana Drnkova

Many thanks to Monika who has been just amazingly helpful with everything regarding searching for a VIP flight attendant job. I definitely recommend attending the Elite Cabin Crew workshop where you get all the information you need and it is a great start to change your career. Good luck to all of you!

Petra Konarikova

I don't know how to compliment more on the VIP workshop by Elite cabin crew! The knowledge you gain, questions answered, doubts you have had are certainly gone. Monika is a very professional, helpful person you can always turn to. I highly recommend everyone who's interested to attend it, its more then I expected. Thank you so much Elite Cabin Crew!;)


Iyetunde Makun- Adeyemi

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Elite cabin crew. I learnt a lot from Monika, she took her time to explain to me the transition from commercial to corporate FA. Thank you Monika.


Simona Alexandru

To begin, begin”. This is a quote I ve seen recently and it made me think of Monika. I want to take this opportunity to thank her for the professionalism, help and confidence she gave me during the workshop we did together. For all you ladies planning to start your career as a VIP flight attendant, I cannot recommend a better choice than Monika. She is always honest, and extremely knowledgeable. She will provide you with all the tools you need in order to get your dream job and she will offer her support every step of the way! Thank you, Monika!


Jinny Kim

I attended the workshop in April, which was really useful for me to know all existing private jet companies to apply. Before the workshop it was hard to get detailed information about private jets but this workshop helped a lot. Monika was a really amazing mentor and supporting and helping to prepare me for a job interview 😉 thanks Monika for your genuine advice!


I was incredibly lucky to get in touch with Monika when I started to look for a corporate aviation career. Monika is an experienced professional, with years of knowledge in the industry and expertise in HR, that gets you ready to shine at your interviews. Apart from extensive information gained in the course, you will receive contacts to get you started ahead of the other candidates in applying for job opportunities. Monika does not stop when the course finishes, she stays in touch, checks on your progress in job hunt and keeps you updated on the newest information and opportunities. I highly recommend Monika and Elite Cabin Crew to get you started and succeed in the Private Aviation industry.

Henrieta Ondisova


Tiffany Soumagnas

The workshop we did with Monika was very instructive. She gave us a lot of information and tips and took the time to answer every single of our questions. Having the help of a recruiter was also a big advantage that gave us the opportunity to review our CVs and prepare for interviews. I particularly like that Monika, even a couple of months after, keep giving us news and is still here to help at any time. Thank you, Monika and everybody, that was here for us on that day!


Zlata Kuncincka

I would like to recommend and thank Monika and her team for their great and passionate work. I did one to one Skype session with Monika to prepare me for my interview and test flight for a VIP FA position. We covered all the aspects of private jet flying from catering, silver spoon service to expected salaries and conditions. Her work didn't stop just there. She has many contacts in the corporate world and she always informs me about new job openings.


Alexandra Neumayer

Couldn't recommend Elite Cabin Crew highly enough. Monika is a genuine professional who possesses all the qualities to guide you throughout the whole process in order to help you launching your career as a flight attendant. Thank you Monika for answering all my questions, sharing your valuable insider experience and growing my confidence to make a transition from commercial to corporate FA.


Kelsey Johnson

I attended an Elite Cabin Crew workshop in April and had a wonderful experience. Monika was an excellent mentor and was able to share a wealth of information with all of us. Topics that we touched on included: the private aviation industry, how to properly prepare our CVs, how to conduct ourselves in interviews and much, much more. Monika also arranged for us to have our headshots taken by a very talented photographer. Aside from the Elite Cabin Crew workshop, Monika and her team assist with CV development. I chose to use this service because of my flight schedule and was very impressed with the final result. I couldn't thank the Elite Cabin Crew team enough for the support I've received from them, and I look forward to keeping in touch as I move forward with my flying career


Jaime Motsch

Thank you for your workshop. Your first-hand knowledge answering all the questions was very beneficial, caring and supportive. I would recommend it to people who need guidance for open days and or help in answering any questions about the VIP cabin crew.


Iva Zdarska

Monika is a very lovely and talented lady with many experiences as a flight attendant and a VIP flight attendant. After the workshop, I had a much better overview of all topics connected with this job. She loves her work and it is a pleasure to spend time with people who have passion about flying and how to be the best cabin crew. I can highly recommend Monika as a person and also as a trainer. I got answers to all my questions. Well done!:)


Yamama Ibrahim Zakaria

Monika is an amazing experienced CORPORATE/VVIP Flight Attendant - She offered me ONLINE help at all times, giving me the perfect guidance to start my process to become a VIP Cabin Crew. Thank you very much for making me a perfect candidate now.


Natasa Milavic

Great thank you to Monika and the team! I contacted them regarding VIP CV and cover letter writing - I got more than expected - great tips for interviews, inside view on the applicant from her HR team, real enhancement on my CV, presenting the best of my experience in a personal and professional manner. Very easy to communicate with, very professional and flexible with my "urgent" request. My recommendation for everyone who is interested in VIP crew jobs⭐️🙂 Great job!


Alessio De Rosa

Excellent webinar; I learned new things in order to improve myself and not only thanks to the excellent job conducted by Mirna.


Jessica Silva

The webinar was really helpful to clarify some points of the Assessment Day. Many of the subjects mentioned in the presentation can be found in other files or videos, but it is totally different to learn from the perspective of a recruiter. The dynamics and format of the presentation were incredible, I loved the examples and the opportunity to simulate exercises and have feedback from Mirna. I definitely intend to participate in the next sessions and I know that this will help me feel more prepared for my next opportunity with EK


Gheeta Chhetri

Greetings everyone, Tbh I am so thankful for Monika & team for coming up with such a helpful and amazing eBook for me and for all of us. You will find this eBook categorized in such a way that you will understand just by going through it once. You will find so much helpful information and if you keep all the points in mind and work on it no doubt you will be hired. You can also follow her on Ig and go through her website not only eBook she will help you with OD in various countries and one and one consultations, CV and much more. Thank you Monika



I did learn a lot from this webinar especially how to manage my body language, and the fact that you recommended us how to practice our questions was really nice. Overall, I am glad that I attended this webinar it definitely exceeded my expectations.


Laura Matyas

I'm super happy, that I got in touch with Monika through Elite Cabin Crew’s page just in time before my final interview. I owe her a big thank you for boosting my confidence and making me feel all prepared. We had one session online, we practiced, and she explained what I should be focusing on and why. It was definitely worth the investment, because she gave me such personalized advice, that I would have not been able to get from Youtube, nor from anywhere else. Before our session I was unsure of certain things and it was important to me to get answers for my questions from someone professional and experienced. Regardless of what my results will be, I can't give her enough credit for her help and bringing the best out of me!

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Acelya Nini

Hii ; first of all I want to thank Monika from Elite Cabin Crew, she's a very nice and helpful person Thank you for everything ❤️ And for you're services are one of The Best and helpful service ever .


Natasha Kirke

​I really enjoyed the webinar, I am already signed up for the next one and will probably sign up for the digital and final interview ones.

I truly think it was perfect! You guys answered all the questions, explained everything, went through all the questions that can be made giving tips on how to answer all of them, we had the opportunity to be criticized on our performance... So I think you covered all the aspects


It has been enlightening, figured out lots of the mistakes I would have normally made tomorrow in my initial interview, I'm definitely moving forward to the next webinars, whether if I pass or not


The seminars have been very helpful! The knowledge of the three of you is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us!