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Thank you Monika for your help! Im so grateful with you for sharing your knowledge with me. I’m looking forward to continue working with you preparing myself to achieve my career goals!

I really enjoyed the webinar, I am already signed up for the next one and will probably sign up for the digital and final interview ones.


Excellent webinar; I learned new things in order to improve myself and not only thanks to the excellent job conducted by Mirna.


The webinar was really helpful to clarify some points of the Assessment Day. Many of the subjects mentioned in the presentation can be found in other files or videos, but it is totally different to learn from the perspective of a recruiter. The dynamics and format of the presentation were incredible, I loved the examples and the opportunity to simulate exercises and have feedback from Mirna. I definitely intend to participate in the next sessions and I know that this will help me feel more prepared for my next opportunity with EK.


I truly think it was perfect! You guys answered all the questions, explained everything, went through all the questions that can be made giving tips on how to answer all of them, we had the opportunity to be criticized on our performance... So I think you covered all the aspects

It has been enlightening, figured out lots of the mistakes I would have normally made tomorrow in my initial interview, I'm definitely moving forward to the next webinars, whether if I pass or not


The webinar was very informative. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you so much Ms. Monika, Ms. Mirna and Mr. Orlando. 


The seminars have been very helpful! The knowledge of the three of you is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us!


I really enjoyed the webinar where I have come to know about my weaknesses along with the solutions. this will help me to improve my skills and increase the chances to be selected on the assessment day.

Thank you very much for your support us in terms of knowledge and ideas to shine as a cabin crew.

I loved everything about this experience. Starting with the assistance given prior to the webinar. The webinar itself was outstanding. You all really went the extra mile: Mirna answered all our questions, even if the time was up. She kept checking to see if what she was explaining was understood. Mirna even did an unexpected live group exercise with us. Orlando and Monika were very professional, answering questions during the webinar and making sure the quality of the slides and audio were excellent.  I would really like to attend all of your upcoming webinars. 


It has been a really enjoyable experience. You could tell the recruiter knew what she was talking about. I totally recommend to everyone to attend one of this webinar it will give more understanding or what the recruiters are looking for and have more chances to get the job consequentially.


I simply can't fault any aspect of this webinar. The topics, timing, speed, explanation of each topic is spot on. I have learnt a lot from this webinar and can't wait for the next one. Thank you Wishcasting and Emirates Wannabees for this opportunity.


It was my first webinar and I must say that I really loved it. Really. So happy with the content. I'm looking forward to participating in an Open Day and Final Interview webinar. Please, do it soon.

I think these webinar sessions are very fruitful and informative, you can get a lot of out of it! When I was told that these webinars have an actual recruiter from Emirates presenting, giving you all the insiders tips and tricks I just couldn't believe it, I mean where else would you find information from someone whose "actually been there and done that?!!!" Thank you so much, you get my green signal for continuing on with your services for future "wannabees'".