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Cabin Crew shortages affect British Airways, easyJet, Emirates - Aviation Update - May 10th 2022

What a difference a year makes, with most countries relaxing most of their travelling restrictions, confidence has returned to the aviation industry. It is almost ironic that airlines went from mass redundancies to where they are now, hiring as many qualified applicants as possible. These shortages have proved challenging for many airlines around the world. Find out in our latest edition of Elite Cabin Crew Aviation Update.

Emirates has announced that it received over 300,000 Flight Attendant role applications since it started its recruitment drive back in August 2021 when it was announced that the airline was looking to hire 3000 new cabin crew personnel as well as an additional 500 ground staff. The airline has announced a further 6000 vacancies that it is looking to fill in the coming year as the aviation sector carries on its recovery from the 2020 pandemic.

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British Airways has announced plans to scale back its summer operations by up to 5% as the carrier continues to struggle with staff shortages in its ranks. Although the airline has been very proactive in its drive to recruit more staff, particularly those who are ground based. It continues to stumble across increased competition from other sectors, specially when it comes to working conditions, payments & benefits packages amongst other factors. It also seems that security clearances are taking double the time to process due to the UK governments reduced ability to process all sorts of applications, including passport applications which are now taking a minimum of 9 weeks to process (it used to be 5 working days pre-pandemic).

Whilst this week's announcement is surprising, it is not the first time that British Airways has found itself cancelling flights due to staff shortages this year. The carrier was forced to cancel all short haul flights from its Heathrow Hub on February 26th due to technical issues. Having previously suffered a technical outage 10 days previously. The airline has also suffered higher than usual sick rates from its cabin crew and pilot staff. All in all, the carrier has had to cancel over 1000 flights in the space of three weeks. Leading to the airline announcing the opening of a new Cabin Crew base in Madrid, to help ease the staff shortages the airline is facing. Staff are to be based in Madrid and be put up in hotels within the BA network when out on duty.

easyJet has also been facing staff shortages and it has found a very unconventional way of tackling the issue. The airline announced this week that It plans to remove several rows from its Airbus A319 aircraft in order to reduce the number of Flight Attendants needed to operate flights from 4 to 3. It plans to remove one whole row of seats to meet to reduce the capacity to under 150 seats. European regulation states that operators need 1 crew per 50 passengers. Therefore the cut would be enough to eliminate the need for 180 crew across its estimated 900 daily flights.

Ongoing Recruitment!

Qatar Airways currently has openings in over 40 worldwide destinations, please visit their careers site through this link. The airline is looking for staff in Bangkok, Goa, Athens, Istanbul, Nur-Sultan, Brisbane, Lisbon, Cambodia, Belgrade, Paris, Kolkata, Mumbai, Rabat, Buenos Aires, Kiev, Slovenia, Cebu, Tunis, Quito, Hyderabad, Brussels, Algiers, Ahmedabad, Karachi, Cairo, Yerevan, Chiang Mai, Bucharest, Seoul, Prague, San Salvador, Doha, Mexico City, Amritsar, Sarajevo, San Salvador, Colombo, Warsaw, Chennai, Kuala Lumpur and Vietnam,

Emirates are currently accepting applications worldwide but have not announced any assessment day locations or dates. Please apply directly through the Emirates Careers Portal here. All applications are currently being taken online.

Etihad have also announced several recruitment locations worldwide. All applications must be made directly through the Etihad Careers Portal.


Thank you for joining us for another Aviation Update. We look forward to keeping up to date with the latest from the world of aviation. Please note that ALL applications require a full professional CV and Photo for the process to begin.

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