Do you have what it takes to become a VIP Flight Attendant?

We have crammed over 15 years of flying and recruitment experience into our eBook to make sure you have what you need to get recruited and join the world of private aviation.

We show you the insights of life with a Private carrier.

What is expected from you, how to land the job, the main differences in the way you work and of course, we spill all of the benefits of working for a private carrier. 
























Do you keep applying but not hearing anything back?

Is your CV as polished as it can be?
Most unsuccessful job applications fail at the CV stage, make sure yours in not one of them.

Here at Elite Cabin Crew, we take pride in taking your CV and transforming it with the use of our professional editing services as well as the use of tried and tested templates.

Ensuring your skillset is ready to shine in front of all recruiters. 


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