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Aviation Update - Welcome to 2022.

Welcome to the latest edition of Aviation update, where we keep you up to date with the latest news in aviation. It has been another even few weeks in the travel industry as a whole. With airlines around the world stepping up their efforts to recruit more staff and governments doing what they can to control the emergence of Omicron. We hope you enjoy our latest edition.

Emirates has recently announced that it expects its passenger levels to not only reach their pre-pandemic levels, but also an increase in the next few weeks. The Dubai based carrier was the first airline to return the Airbus A380 super jumbo to the skies with many having previously felt that the airliner was too big for the current climate.

The Emirates are currently in the middle of a recruitment spree, having asked many of the staff it had made redundant in early 2020 to take their previous roles back as well as recruiting fresh blood. The world famous Emirates Aviation college has been a busy place for the last 2 months, something the airline expects to carry on for the foreseeable future. It is estimated that the airline will need to hire an additional 4500 staff in all positions to cover the expected growth targets for the following year. Visit the Emirates career portal for more information if you are interested in joining the airline.

British Airways was forced to cancel thousands of flights across its network during the holiday period due to Cabin Crew shortages in its operation. The UK is currently going through a resurgence of COVID-19 infections, with higher than anticipated absences taking a toll on the airline's operations. The absence has also been felt by Airports across the UK, with hundreds of passengers missing their flights out of Manchester airport due to security staff shortages, with some flyers complaining that they had to wait for up to 3 hours to clear the security area and reach their boarding gates.

Staff shortages have been felt across a number of airports across the UK, with Heathrow, Stansted and Luton airports also suffering from severe delays due to staff shortages.

A Belgian national was recently sentenced to a year in custody after being caught using a forged COVID19 Test certificate whilst trying to clear security at Brussels International Airport. Several European countries have begun a crackdown on falsified certificates. The recent surge of OMICRON cases as well as the holiday travelling period has meant that more people than ever have needed to test before travelling to see their families as well as before their return to work. This in turn has meant that getting your hands on Home testing kits as well as being able to secure adequate testing appointments has become harder and harder. With the BBC reporting that a black market for fake certificates has been thriving on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter etc...

Whilst the man recently sentenced won't have been the first person to have been fined for faking a certificate, it is one of the longest sentences that has been publicly given for this offence. The checkpoint blog have released a detailed article on the growing vaccination black market, to find this article please click here.

The British government announced this week that it no longer requires incoming passengers to present COVID Test Certificates upon arriving to the country. Passengers will instead have to complete a pre-booked test on their 2nd day in the country. The UK had recently introduced a requirement for all passengers to present a negative certificate upon arrival, partly in order to slow the spread of the OMICRON variant but the strategy has backfired in both preventing the spread of the virus as well as by increasing the demand for fake test certificates in the black market.

There has never been a better time to become a Flight Attendant, with most if not all major airlines currently hiring due to the increased demand in travelling.

Qatar Airways currently has openings in over 40 worldwide destinations, please visit their careers site through this link.

The airline is looking for staff in Bangkok, Goa, Athens, Istanbul, Nur-Sultan, Brisbane, Lisbon, Cambodia, Belgrade, Paris, Kolkata, Mumbai, Rabat, Buenos Aires, Kiev, Slovenia, Cebu, Tunis, Quito, Hyderabad, Brussels, Algiers, Ahmedabad, Karachi, Cairo, Yerevan, Chiang Mai, Bucharest, Seoul, Prague, San Salvador, Doha, Mexico City, Amritsar, Sarajevo, San Salvador, Colombo, Warsaw, Chennai, Kuala Lumpur and Vietnam,

Emirates are currently accepting applications worldwide but have not announced any assessment day locations or dates. Please apply directly through the Emirates Careers Portal here.

All applications are currently being taken online only.

Etihad have also announced several recruitment locations worldwide. All applications must be made directly through the Etihad Careers Portal.


Thank you for joining us for another Aviation Update. We look forward to keeping up to date with the latest from the world of aviation.

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