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Aviation Update - August 18th 2021

With the action packed summer season already underway in aviation circles, it is time for another update. From changing fortunes for the Middle East big 3 and new routes opening up between the UAE and the rest of the world. We also give you 5 more top tips for creating your CV. There is a lot to catch up with, we hope you enjoy this edition of our Aviation update.

In a highly anticipated move, the UK government moved the United Arab Emirates off it's travellers red list. Emirates has seen the UK as a key to its success, having served over 230 flights to the British Isles earlier in January of 2021. This number then decreased to around 40 flights a month once the UAE was labelled as a red destination under the UK's controversial traffic light system. That is a massive 80% decrease in services, not to mention flight loads. This meant that those coming from the gulf state would have to serve a strict 10 day quarantine not only for having started their journey in the Emirates, but also to those who had used the hub for transit purposes.

The airline celebrated the news with a memorable ad campaign which included a Flight Attendant welcoming the news of the airline being put on the UK Amber List from the top of the Burj Khalifa before panning out to the message of being "on top of the world".

Airline insiders have also revealed that the airline is looking to hire back former staff that had been let go during the pandemic in order to meet the expected increase in demand.

Over 7000 Flight Attendants were let go during the pandemic in 2020. From the non-renewal of staff to the famous golden envelope sackings, the airline was swift in trying to cut costs. It is still unknown whether enough former employees will be looking to rejoin the company, the airline has asked its former employees to express their interest in rejoining the airline through prompts on their emails and links on the Emirates Career website, one thing is for sure though, expect to see the airline looking to hire new staff in the coming months!


In a quick twist of fate, Kabul International Airport is now closed to commercial flights, the news was slowly trickled out by news outlets in the early hours Monday 16th of August. Several carriers, including Emirates, had their flights either diverted to different destinations, or had the flight turn back home as was the case with Emirates flight 640, which had made the 1600km journey to the airport, only to circle around and head back home after it was deemed unsafe to land.

The US government has announced that it will take over the airport and its Control Tower whilst evacuation flights take place but the future is unclear for the airport. Both Emirates and Flydubai have joined a large and extensive list of international carriers who have announced the cancellations of their services into Kabul. British Airways have taken the additional step of completely avoiding the country's airspace on future flights. Whilst Elite Cabin Crew tries to avoid commenting on political situations, all in the team hope that a peaceful resolution for all those involved is reached in Kabul and Afghanistan.


American Airlines has announced that it plans to recruit around 800 trainee Flight Attendants before the end of the year. The airline has already started the process of welcoming back over 3000 crew members that had been placed on long term leave earlier in the pandemic (as reported on July 18th's Aviation Update ). Much of this will depend on how the US government's strategy of opening up travel to international destinations, particularly the popular European market. Americans are currently permitted to fly to the UK, the EU and back but non-citizens who have set foot in these territories in the previous 14 days currently find themselves banned from entering the USA.


Writing a CV can be a daunting task, it is the most important part of an individual's job search. It is also often the part that candidates overlook the most. We released 5 tips to make your CV more attractive to employers on July 18th's Aviation Update, here are 5 more top tips which you can incorporate into your CVs in order to maximise your chances of getting your desired role.

1. Use a core skills section if applicable to your job role. A core skills section quickly tells recruiters what your main qualities are and if they are relevant to the job you are applying for. Having this information readily available helps recruiters more accurately decide if you are a suitable candidate.

2. Ensure your CV layout is relevant and eye catching. Having the right information in the right place makes a recruiter more likely to pay attention to your CV and decipher the information they need from your application.

3. Avoid generic phrases like "hard working", "team player", "out of the box thinker" and so on. Whilst these phrases may seem like they are setting an image of who you are, they are not telling the recruiter anything about yourself. Use facts and facts only to help your cause.

4. Taylor your CV to every role you apply for, whilst it may seem time consuming, spending 5 minutes to ensure your cv matches the role you are applying for can pay off when it comes to recruitment. From highlighting different core skills to removing unnecessary information, these changes are noticed by recruiters.

5. Shorten your older, previous roles - this allows recruiters to pay attention to your progression and to your current skillset, recruiters are not interested in your paper round so there is no need to mention it.

We hope these tips help, CV building is the most crucial part of your job application so it pays to get it right. Check out or CV services for more information on how we can help you build and edit your professional CV today!


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