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Aviation Update - July 18th 2021

Another fast paced week has gone by in the world of aviation. From new Boeing 737MAX orders to announcements of Cabin Crew call ups by legacy carriers around the world. The summer season has not disappointed the aviation industry in 2021 thus far....

American Airlines will recall all of its remaining flight attendants who are currently on unpaid leave and/or sabbaticals. This comes as the demand for flights in the U.S. increases for the summer season. The airline had previously expected some of its workforce to be out of action through the summer season but it now may be forced to buy back vacation time from their employees to ensure staffing demands are adequately covered. Insiders also report that the airline will soon be welcoming more staff into the fold, with the some of the vacancies being offered to former staff that had been previously furloughed by the company. Priority will also be given to those who had been hired by the company but were in the process of completing their Flight Attendant training when the pandemic struck and decimated the industry. Although the airline is believed to not be looking to hire new staff until the former above have had their steps taken, it is believed that it will only be a matter of time until the airline begins to recruit fresh blood again.

Emirates has announced that it plans to call back around 80-100 furloughed pilots per month. The airline had been forced to put a substantial number of its A380 pilots on long term unpaid leave as demand for flying stagnated and the super jumbo jet's capacity became an operating liability. The airline is already working at near full capacity on its Boeing 777 fleet, according to Adel Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer for the Middle Eastern carrier.

The airline is riding on a wave of optimism following the opening up of major economies, with people wanting to travel to see their loved ones and others they have not seen since before the pandemic. It is rumoured that the airline will join other world carriers in beginning to recall cabin crew who were previously let go and more importantly, that this will be the beginning of a new recruitment drive.

An Emirates Boeing 777 had to perform an emergency landing in Milan soon after taking off as it flew into a Hailstorm earlier this week. Flight EK205 had just departed Milan's Malpensa International Airport and was on its way to New York when it indadvertedly entered a hailstorm.

The strong weather system was making its way through Central Europe with cities like Geneva also experiencing this weather.

The crew decided to return to Milan, circling the city before landing safely a few hours later. All crew and passengers departed to New York the following day.

Canadian low cost carrier Flair Airlines has found itself to be on the wrong side of the news in the last few days. Following a barrage of customer queries, the airline made the decision to close its phone lines for the weekend of 16th to 18th of July. The airline's website released the following statement;

The airline has denied that it has closed its call centre due to a rise in customer complaints, Instead it has blamed the incidence on the rising demand in travel within Canada. What is clear is that whatever the reason may be, the airline seems to be operating a somewhat undermanned call centre, an issue that will need to be fixed sooner rather than later.


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