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Middle East Aviation Update - July 21st

It has been an extremely turbulent few months for the people around the world. The current health crisis has touched billions of lives in more ways than one. Governments moved to introduce movement restrictions to protect their populations from becoming infected, meaning that meeting rooms have been replaced with bedroom, balcony, kitchen and living room meetings between colleagues.

Many of us have been separated from our loved ones for months at a time and others have been trapped with people they don’t get on with for similar amounts of time. The loss of life has been unprecedented. The loss of jobs likewise, the travel, events and hospitality sectors have suffered huge losses, no movement restrictions means that events cannot be hosted, leading to restaurants and hotels having no clients.

A lack of revenue has meant that companies can no longer support the number of staff employed. The aviation industry has been hit like no other, stable airlines such as Virgin Australia, Avianca (the world’s oldest airline) and AeroMexico to name a few airlines have all filed for bankruptcy. Air France and Lufthansa have all but retired their A380 fleets, Emirates went one step further and made the majority of their A380 pilots redundant along with thousands of Cabin Crew.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though, WizzAir have announced that they are hiring Cabin Crew at their new Abu Dhabi base and whilst this shows that the industry has started the recovery process. It also means that the competition in the job market has intensified as there are more people available to fill a decreasing number of positions.

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