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How Airlines Fly During Covid-19

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Whilst the aviation industry may be going through a bit of a slowdown, several airlines have carried on operating. The repatriation of foreign citizens going back to their home countries has been deemed essential by governments and airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Air Arabia have been assisting stranded passengers get back to their home countries.

Emirates, long viewed as one of the most progressive and innovative airlines has continued its tradition of brining groundbreaking technology to its service. The airline recently introduced 10 minute COVID-19 testing before its repatriation flights, becoming the first airline in the world to do so. This has allowed the airline to ensure they are operating all of their flights COVID-19 free.

In addition to this, all operating flight attendants are being issued with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure all COVID-19 health protocols are being met. All Flight Attendants are being supplied with surgical masks, eye protectors, full body apron and protective gloves, ensuring both the operating crew's and passenger's safety at all times. Flight meals have been amended so no hot food has to be served. In addition to this, all passenger are being requested to wear masks and gloves during the duration of the flight and only to remove these items for food and drink. Passengers have also been asked to check in all of their luggage and not bring hand luggage on board, seating arrangements have also been altered, blocking off middle seats to ensure social distancing protocols are met at all times.

Emirates has been operating one way flights to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich and several destinations in India and Pakistan being in discussion to facilitate the repatriation of citizens back to their home countries.

Etihad has been operating repatriation flights to several destinations, Amsterdam, Bogota, Brussels and Dublin being amongst the cities being served. In addition to this, Etihad have been trialing revolutionary self service kiosks which identify passengers with pre-existing medical conditions and identifies if they are a flying risk.

It is good to see the major airlines taking these extra steps to ensure both crew and passenger safety during this unprecedented pandemic. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up do date with the latest news.

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