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FEATURE - The Nelly Academy Application.

There are plenty of things to do when you're operating on a flight, the pre-flight set up is the most important part of ensuring that all on board will be able to both give and receive fantastic service.

The Nelly Academy App, now available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store plans to change that. By allowing crew create bespoke flight reports, the application sets to standardise aircraft handover procedures. Giving all those involved in the operation of the aircraft on the following flight all of the information they need to set it up properly.

Additional features such as being able to tell you the onboard equipment available as well as the facilities disposible to the operation at thousands of different bases and destinations are there to make life for Flight Attendants and Flight Deck crew as well as the operators much easier. We sit down with founder, Jolanta Stryjova to find out more about the application.

Elite Cabin Crew: What is the Nelly App

Jolanta Stryjova: Nelly is an intuitive mobile app that allows the crew to create a post-flight briefing very easily and quickly, generate it as a PDF and send it by e-mail to colleagues.

ECC: What inspired the Nelly App

JS: My 8 years of experience with working in aviation, especially the 3 years of being a VIP F/A Freelancer. My time in the industry made me realise that with so many companies, all of different sizes, have no system at all to support F/A duty and cooperation.

ECC: How long has the application been in development

JS: The first email to the Nelly App development team was sent on 7.5.2020. And the App was “live on air” on both stores in January 2021. So we can say that the application was made it in 7 months. The application is constantly being developed and updated so you could also say that the development is continious.

ECC: How does the application help me?

JS: The Nelly App brings a structure to the cabin and aircraft handover. The briefings created by your colleagues and shared by Nelly helps you to better prepare for your duty as well as providing your colleagues with all of the relevant information after you have finished your duty on the particular aircraft. And it's all on your phone, so you don't need to use a pen and paper, it also eliminates the need structured emails or other forms.

ECC: What kind of information does the app need?

JS: We have 3 ways of logging in. You can use your Google Account, Apple ID or create a Nelly Account by providing your email address and your name.

ECC: Is the application secure?

JS: The Nelly App has been approved by Google and Apple without any problem. We cooperated on our Privacy Policy Terms with one of the best law teams in Czech Republic to make sure that we can offer good data security to our customers.

ECC: Have you used the application in real life?

JS: Yes, I have. And my colleagues, especially pilots, like it very much. As I have provided them with a perfect cabin and galley overview after my flight. And as I was a freelancer there, that was a perfect way to keep next Flight Attendants informed and avoid overloaded aircraft or lack of cabin and galley items.

ECC: What is your favourite feature on the application?

JS: The “To Buy List”, section “What to take from HNDL” and our perfect and sexy briefings in PDF format which are very easy to share. Our Cabin and Galley details are also extremely useful. As it is very important to know how the galley is equipped, especially for executing appropriate catering orders.

ECC: What platforms is the application available on

JS: Nelly is available on App Store and Google Play.

ECC: Do you have to pay to use the app

JS: The application is completely free to download and use. We call this public and free version the “single user version”. This version will always be free.

We are able to customize and develop the app functionality according to the client's, bizjet operators and upon request. The price of this Nelly App version depends on the client's demands in terms of development and technical support.


Download the Nelly App on your iPhone here, for Google devices click here now to find out just how the application can help you and your operation today.

For more information regarding the application and how to use it step by step, click here to download the guide. You can also find information on the Nelly Academy on their Instagram page. You can also find information on the Nelly Academy on their Instagram page and their website

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