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Expert advice on our webinars

It has been a busy month here at Elite Cabin Crew, those of you who have been following us and our content for a while will know that we have been creating and hosting custom made webinars designed to give you the knowledge on different cabin crew topics. Three of these webinars have taken place in the last two weeks covering "The Secrets Behind a Final Interview" and "The secrets Behind the Assessment Day". Hosted by aviation experts including our own aviation HR recruiter specialist who has recruited thousands of cabin crew. We gave over 70 of our webinar guests access to insider information which will help you succeed in getting recruited by your dream airline. With more topics being introduced and discussed in the future, now is the perfect time to look at promotional offers, including 50% off our webinar prices.

Don't forget to follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages to keep up to date with future webinar dates, promotions, competitions and future product updates. Subscribe to our services here to receive a free copy of our "How to Become a Cabin Crew" eBook. Do you have any questions you want answered? Any topics you want us to discuss? Contact us with your question or suggestion so we can tailor make our products and services to your needs.

Looking forward to seeing you in our webinars soon! Elite Cabin Crew

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