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COVID-19 Update - Emirates & Airlines Announce Flying Schedules

Updated: May 21, 2020

Whilst aviation has ground to a halt in recent months, more and more airlines are announcing their plans to return to the skies again. With governments around the world confirming their re-opening days, airlines have followed suit. Below are some of the airlines who have begun to schedule flights and the governments who have recently announced a relaxation of COVID 19 protective measures.

Finnair - The Finnish airline plans to have restore 20% of its routes by the end of the July to increase its total capacity to 30%. The carrier has been running at 10% route capacity since the beginning of the crisis. The carrier also announced its plans to restore its flights to mainland China as well as its South East Asian destinations before the end of the year.

India - The country's Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, announced the restoration of domestic flights from May 25th on his twitter account. He also reiterated the need for all national carriers and airports to restore its operations to the above date.

Italy - All airports are to open by June 3rd, announced the Italian Ministry for Transport yesterday (May 20th, 2020). A handful of airports have been operating at a reduced capacity since May 4th. Alitalia, Italy's national carrier later confirmed that it will begin to fly from June 2nd in more welcome news for the country. Italy was the first European country to introduce preventative lockdown measures this year.

Emirates - The airline is to begin services to an additional 9 destinations from May 21st. The destinations announced are London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne. Limited repatriation flights have been flying to these destinations for the duration of May but passengers will be able to book return journeys for the first time as well as connecting flights, allowing passengers to fly from London to Melbourne via Dubai again. All passengers are subject to the ICA in U.A.E and the relevant government authorities.

United Arab Emirates - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that residents will be able to fly back to their homes from June 1st. Residents must apply for a special permit through the ICA website for clearance to fly. This will be welcome news to those outside of the country who have been unable to rejoin their families and workplaces since March 24th. It is estimated that over 25000 expats are currently "stuck" outside of the country.


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