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COVID 19 Update - Airlines to Increase Flights Soon....

With many countries around the world beginning to relax a number of lockdown restrictions, airlines have begun to publish their flight plans for the upcoming months.

Etihad Airways announced on May 8th that they will begin accepting incoming passengers on the flights back to the UAE.

Etihad and Emirates have been operating repatriation flights to a number of destinations including London, Frankfurt, Paris, Shanghai and Sao Paolo throughout April but have not been accepting passengers on their flights back into the UAE.

This is welcome news to the thousands of residents currently waiting to get back home and resume their lives. Emirates is expected to announce the acceptance of returning passengers in the coming days pending government approval. This is also welcome news to cabin crew's who have been eagerly waiting to fly again.


Other updates:

Wizz Air announce flights to Abu Dhabi from 5 European Destinations including Budapest, Sofia, Katowice, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. This flights will be operated by Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, a subsidiary of Wizz Air with a base in Abu Dhabi. This is in addition to the flights already served to Dubai by Wizz Air Hungary from mainland Europe.

Lufthansa announces it will serve 106 routes from June 2020. The airline is currently flying at less than 10% of its capacity.

Airlines to align COVID 19 passenger safety protocols in line with IATA requirements, require passengers to bring their own masks on board and for them to remain on throughout the flight. See the latest recommendations here.


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