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Comebacks, Sanctions and the end of Restrictions? Aviation Update - March 28th 2022

A lot has happened in the world in since our last update on February 18th, what is looking to be a fantastic year for aviation with the easing of travel restrictions across the world more countries have begun the process of opening up to travellers again, transport hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore and destinations which rely heavily on tourism like Bali and Bangkok will finally begin the process of a full recovery. Restrictions placed on the Russian Aviation industry will put a dent into one of the biggest aviation markets in the world and we can only hope that the situation gets resolved as quickly as possible. Without further ado, please enjoy our latest edition of the Aviation Update.

China Eastern Airlines recently announced that it will be grounding its entire fleet of 223 Boeing 737-800s. The news comes following the sudden crash of flight MU5735 on March 21st, the flight had taken off from Kunming and was en route to Guangzhou when the accident happened. The aircraft involved in the accident had been cruising before losing over 29000 feet in less than 2 minutes before disappearing from the radar.

Witnesses on the ground reported seeing smoke and fire coming from a nearby forest, with several clips of the incident finding their way onto social media. Chinese investigators have now found the planes black boxes but we may face a lengthy wait to find out exactly what happened in the last seconds of the doomed plane's flight. Sending the family of all those involved our condolences.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been hard to ignore, even when hiding under a rock, with Ukrainian Airspace effectively closed for passenger and civilian operations due to the imminent safety risk to civilian lives. This has also meant that Ukrainian operators have had to fly their planes for storage in friendly countries, with most of the aircraft making their way to airports in Turkey, France, Romania and Spain to name a few countries.

Russian operators in the meanwhile have had to adapt to political sanctions being placed against them in the form of maintenance contract cancellations, being banned from using European Union, British and North American airspace and being excluded from the Global Distribution System (GDS) to list a few. The latter meaning that Russian carriers are unable to sell their tickets on Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre, the system that all airlines use to sell their seats internationally as well as on their own websites from outside of Russia. Whilst national carrier Aeroflot is currently planning to reinstate international flights to friendly territories from April, Elite Cabin Crew can reveal the carriers website is currently barring users outside of Russia from using its services.


Ongoing Recruitment

Air Arabia are currently on the lookout for aspiring Cabin Crew to join them in a variety of locations across Europe and Asia. The Sharjah based carrier is holding open days in Yerevan for Fly Area, Armenias national carrier and a subsidiary of Air Arabia. It is also holding open and assessment days in Karachi for Fly Jinnah. The airline is also looking to boost its UAE operations with open days in Surat (Egypt), Moscow (Russia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Misnk (Belarus), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Bucharest (Romania) and other destinations. Please check their recruitment page directly for more information.

British AIrways is looking for both new and experienced Cabin Crew to join their operations across their London hubs, with positions available on Short Haul routes from London City Airport and London Gatwick. Flight Attendants are also needed for Short, Mid and Long Haul Operations from London Heathrow Airport. Please apply directly through the British Airways Careers webpage. All applicants must have the right to live and work in the UK.

Swiss Airlines is currently looking to fill hundreds of Flight Attendant positions, the Zurich based carrier is looking for Swiss and EU nationals/residents to join their Zurich operations as part of their sustainability and growth plans. Please check the Swiss Airlines Job page directly for more information on the role requirements here and to apply directly, please visit the Lufthansa Group Careers portal.

Middle East Big Three Recruitment

Emirates are currently accepting applications worldwide but have not announced any assessment day locations or dates. Please apply directly through the Emirates Careers Portal here. All applications are currently being taken online only.

Etihad have also announced several recruitment locations worldwide. All applications must be made directly through the Etihad Careers Portal.

Qatar Airways currently has openings in over 40 worldwide destinations, please visit their careers site through this link. The airline is looking for staff in Bangkok, Goa, Athens, Istanbul, Nur-Sultan, Brisbane, Lisbon, Cambodia, Belgrade, Paris, Kolkata, Mumbai, Rabat, Buenos Aires, Kiev, Slovenia, Cebu, Tunis, Quito, Hyderabad, Brussels, Algiers, Ahmedabad, Karachi, Cairo, Yerevan, Chiang Mai, Bucharest, Seoul, Prague, San Salvador, Doha, Mexico City, Amritsar, Sarajevo, San Salvador, Colombo, Warsaw, Chennai, Kuala Lumpur and Vietnam, Please note that ALL applications require a full professional CV and Photo for the process to begin.


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