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Aviation Update - July 3rd 2021

In what has been an action packed June, we bring you the highlights of what has been an eventful month in aviation. From record traffic expectations to a new supersonic airplane and most importantly, movement in the job market.

Emirates has announced that it expects its highest levels of passenger traffic to go through Dubai International Airport the weekends of the 2nd to 4th of July and 9th to 11th of July. This coincides with the break up of schools both in the United Arab Emirates and in many countries in Europe. With families looking to reunite for the summer, the first weekends of July typically kick off the summer travelling season and a passenger profile shift from business trips to family and leisure based travel. Emirates has also announced its ambition to restore up to 90 percent of its pre-pandemic flight network by the end of July.

This is quite impressive considering the fact that three of its largest markets remain closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Indian, UK and Australasian markets have long been key markets for the Dubai based carrier. With flights from India suspended until July 15th at the earliest and no sign of a reprieve from the UK and Australian markets. The airline will be hoping that the next two weekends will bring a much needed boost for the aviation sector.

Qatar Airways is HIRING! The Doha based airline, which had to let thousands of employees go at the beginning of the pandemic has announced a drive to re-hire staff that were previously let go. Qatar Airways was one of the few airlines worldwide that carried on with its operations throughout the pandemic, still had to let some of its award winning flight crew go in order to balance the books. The airlines is also hiring new staff but will be prioritising former employees for specific positions. If you are looking to be rehired, please follow this link for more information. If you are a new recruit follow this link here for the latest vacancies.

Eurowings has also announced its plans to hire cabin crew before the end of 2021. The airline has already started its hiring process as it expects demand to increase during the traditionally busy summer period. With restrictions easing across the European Union with the introduction of its COVID-19 Certificate on 1st of July. It is now becoming easier for travellers to move around at their own will. The airline is also taking advantage of Ryanair closing some of its bases in Germany to gain market share in a very competitive region.

Click here for more information on how to join Eurowings today.

American carrier United Airlines has signed an agreement to procure 15 Supersonic Jets from Boom Supersonic. A Denver based supersonic aerospace company. The recently announced Boom Overture airliner plans to be carbon neutral jet. The airline expects the supersonic jet to enter service between 2025 and 2026.

The aviation industry waved bye to Supersonic travel when the French-British built Concorde was retired by Air France and British Airways back in 2003. With the carriers citing the tough economic environment as the reason for the aircraft being withdrawn from service.


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