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Aviation Update - 31st May 2021

DXB International - World's Busiest Airport May 2021

Dubai International Airport has been recognised as the world's busiest airport for the month of May 2021. WIth the airport having over 1.9 million confirmed reservations for the month. Over 600,000 more than Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, who was second on the list with 1.3 million confirmed journeys. DXB (Dubai International) confirmed that it has restored 63% of its destinations to 89% of countries with destinations before the pandemic hit in March of 2020. The airport is expecting numbers to keep on increasing in spite of having it's biggest markets in India, Australia and the United Kingdom heavily restricted/closed due to existing travelling restrictions.


In what must be one of the most bizarre stories we have ever covered, a bat was found flying in the Business Class cabin of an Air India flight travelling from New Delhi to Newark, USA.

The fare skipping passenger was discovered 20 minutes into the 15 hour journey and forced the airplane to head back to its departure airport where authorities were ready to remove the unwelcome passenger. The flight departed after a delay of several hours with no further issues.


In more welcome news, Air New Zealand reported a 5603% year on year increase in operations from this time last year following the opening of the trans-Tasman area. Travel between Australia and New Zealand had been closed for over a year but the ease of restrictions on April 19th has been seen as a welcome relief to the aviation sector as well as trade, industry and those with families between both nations. Travel is expected to rise as confidence in the sector returns to consumers.


A Ryanair flight flying from Athens, Greece to Vilnius, Lithuania was forced to land in Minsk, Belarus upon being informed that there was a bomb threat on board. However, once the plane had landed, Belarusian authorities came onboard without performing any security sweeps and removed 2 passengers from the flight. It was later revealed that the passenger was a government opposition journalist, who had organised protests against the Belarusian government.

The European Union and the Federal Aviation Authority has advised all airlines to exercise extreme caution when considering flying through Belarusian airspace. Both the United States government and the European Union have come out publicly against the actions of the Belarusian government and have in cases re-imposed political sanctions against Belarusian companies and individuals in response.


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