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Our free eBook is your first step to has been written for flight attendants, by flight attendants. Here you will get all of the information you will ever need with regards to who the key movers are in aviation. Which companies you can work for and what you can expect in terms of payment, benefits, living and so much more. 

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Want to get started on your journey to the world of Private and VIP Aviation?

We give you the lowdown on how what steps you need to take in order to shine and ensure you land your dream VIP Role. 

Our FREE ebook gives you all the details you need to get started on your Jobsearch.


From giving you background information on the major airlines in the Middle East and details on salary packages and expectations. To beginners tips on what to do when beginning the application process. 


How do you get your hands on our ebook?


Click here to go to our product page and download it instantly for free. 


Our paid eBook explains it all with regards to entering the world of Private and VIP aviation.


From the differences in the recruitment process, the different operating procedures, grooming standards to the skills private companies are looking for.


We guide you to the best places to apply and what to expect to ensure you are best prepared to land your role.

Our online workshop packages are designed to help you in the four most vital steps of the recruitment process. We guide you from the moment you send your application off. Nailing your Assessment Day, Passing your Digital Interview and Passing your final interview. We have the webinar you need to ensure you are best prepared for everything in the selection process.